GULLAH GEECHEE. We are about presenting an uplifting view of Gullah Geechee culture, one of the oldest American born cultures to have ever existed. While we are proud of the entire Gullah Geechee diaspora--which stretches from the coastline of Wilmington, North Carolina to the shores of Jacksonville, Florida--our products feature words and phrases spoken by Gullah Geechee people who reside in the Charleston Metro Area. 

OUR CULTURE FOR ALL. We feel as if everyone should enjoy the beauty of Gullah Geechee culture. But we also recognize that everyone does not feel the same way, especially those who identify as Gullah Geechee. So with that in mind, we like to hand out this disclaimer:

WHILE WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANYONE WEARING OUR PRODUCTS, we understand that there are people who may take offense (as is their right to do so). Unless you are prepared to explain why you are wearing a shirt with Gullah Geechee phrases, DO NOT wear these products.