About the Logo

ABOUT THE LOGO = From the late 1700s to 1865 slave tags (or slave badges) were used by slave owners in Charleston in order to mark their property when slaves were allowed off the plantation.

Other cities employed a tag system but Charleston was the epicenter of American slave trade and such, it had the most substantial program in existence at the time. Slaves and free people of color had to register with the city and wear metal tags that carried a one-word description of the Slave’s skill: ‘porter, ‘servant’, ‘mechanic’, ‘fisher’, ‘fruiterer’ and even ‘huckster’ for a slave skilled in sales. Slave owners had to pay an annual registration fee, based skill of the servant, and could “rent” their property out to those in need. 

Slave tags represent a dark period of our city’s history and give documented proof that the Holy City was built upon the backs of the enslaved. 

We used this as the inspiration for our logo so that, while promoting the beauty of the Gullah Geechee culture and the Charleston Metro area, we always remember the origin of our ancestor's story.